Iain Broome: A is for Angelica

Today sees the release of Iain's new novel, A is for Angelica. I am so proud of the Broomester. He has worked tirelessly for years to achieve his dream of having his first novel published and today he has achieved it.

Iain decided he wanted to go the old fashioned route and didn't want to self-publish like so many do these days. The route he decided on takes an awful lot of hard work and rejection – but he did it – because he's awesome like that.

I started reading Angelica yesterday and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Iain is a truly excellent writer, as you'll know from listening to our Podcast.

I am blessed to be able to work with amazing people like Iain and to call him a good friend. I really do implore you to go and buy the book. It's currently on promotion at Amazon for 99p or $1.56 (depending on your flavour of currency), which is an absolute bargain! Make the Broomester's day, but it now.