A Call For Female Podcasters

No matter how I write this post there’s always a risk that I am going to offend people and that makes it a difficult thing to write. One word or sentence not best picked could be read incorrectly and in all honesty it may be better for me to actually speak about this rather than write, but never mind. I’m going to do it anyway.

Currently the 70Decibels network is an all-male affair and I didn’t intend it to be this way. I’m sure you have noticed this and a few people have brought it to my attention. The network has grown organically, many of the shows have kind of ‘just happened’ and we are now getting to the stage where we are bringing in in existing shows, or at least shows that we did not originally create. So no conscious decisions have really been made about hosts—it’s kind of just been a right place, right time kind of thing.

I know that there are many female techies out there and I correspond with some on a daily basis. Further more there are also many female podcasters whom I admire (Veronica Belmont, Sarah Lane, Felicia Day—to name a few) and some of the other podcast networks out there do have female hosts.

So as we are starting to grow beyond this thing being a tiny operation, it’s time we saw a little more expansion in this area. Now in the same vein I have never believed in ’Postive Discrimination’—I’m not going to chose a female host for a show just because she is female to balance out the gender. I want to find hosts who are excellent in their own right, irrespective of their gender, race or background.

So women of the world. Come forth, sit behind a mic and bring your ‘A game’. 70Decibels needs you to come and kick some ass at Podcasting.

As always, if you have an existing show or you’re thinking about doing something please get in touch by email or on twitter so we can talk. I’m always open to new ideas and would love to hear from you.

Additionally if you want to discuss this post or idea also get in touch. I felt it was about time to address this deficiency and to show that I am aware of it and consciously want to change it.