Today, Matt Alexander – one of my absolute favourite people on the planet – officially launches Need

Matt Alexander on December 15th 2012

Matt Alexander on December 15th 2012

Need is a startup that is focused on finding beautiful men's lifestyle products, presenting them in a truly unique way and selling them at fantastic prices.

On December 15th 2012, Matt was in London and we went out for coffee and lunch together. Over coffee, Matt was telling me about this idea he had for a company that helped fashion-conscious nerds take the hassle out of looking good. He started telling me about his idea and I fell in love. It was the exact kind of service I had been looking for; I like to look good but haven't got the time to shop or keep up with trends. 

The more Matt was telling me about this idea, the more I loved it and I could see he really believed in it. 

What ensued was me and Matt running around a department store in Central London in pursuit of a notebook and pen. I told him that he had to write all these ideas down. I was worried in case he forgot any part of it. 

The rest of our time together that day was spent in a pub, with Matt brainstorming ideas for his new venture. 

11 months later, Need is a reality. I have watched Matt turn this thing from an idea in to reality and I am astounded. He has made big decisions along the way and has done amazing work. It's incredible to me how similar the end product is to his original idea. That just shows how strong an idea it is and how excellently Matthew has executed it. 

I really want you to go an check Need out, I honestly think you're going to love it. This Matthew kid is going places and boy am I proud of him.