The Asus Padfone

I have been interested in the Asus Padfone since I saw it demoed at CES. So I hurried to watch The Verge's video review today. 

As a quick sidebar, I love The Verge's video reviews. The written portion of their reviews can be quite lengthy and I rarely have the patience, but I feel like they cover a big chunk in their – extremely well produced – videos. 

Anyway, it's clear that this product isn't perfect but the notion really intrigues me. The idea of having all your apps and settings synced amongst all devices – because your phone is the brain – really appeals to me. 

I know people say that iCloud will fix this, but as of yet I can't see that this is the case. What I will say is that these kinds of devices do show that their is innovation in the Android space and the choice that you're given can be a good thing, if that's what you go for. 

I'm going to be keeping my eyes on these kinds of devices, I think it's a really interested product class.