Two Years

Today, April 7th, is the second birthday of The Bro Show and therefore my entry in to the Podcasting world.

On April 7th 2010 myself and Mr Terry Lucy recorded Episode 1 of The Bro Show, entitled 'iPad Blah, Blah' (do you get the Queen reference?). I strongly suggest you do not listen to this episode as it was an atrocity, but I wanted to link to it for prosperity.

When we started we were unconfident behind the microphone, using crappy headsets and for some reason recording in stereo with each of us taking one of the channels (I think I was left and Terrence, right) which was a also bad idea.

But we learned a lot and fast. Now we have an active network of 11 shows, under the name of 70Decibels and it all came from this one little episode.

I want to thank Terrence for being there every week to record alongside me. We're quite the duo, him and I and we have some super-exciting projects coming down the pipe that's going to see our empire growing in to new and interesting areas.

I also want to thank each and every single person that listens to our humble, little Tech broadcast every week. You are why we keep doing it and we love each and every one of you!