Bartending, by Stephen Hackett

Today, my good friend, Mr Stephen Hackett releases his first book. It’s called ‘Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius’ and it’s fantastic.

You may know that I don’t read very often and this is usually as I have trouble settling down to read for lengthy periods but Bartending perfectly fits my habits. Stephen has broken down the book in to a collection of short stories of his time spent behind the Genius Bar. These bitesize tales are quick and easy to breeze through when I have a few moments and this is perfect for me.

Hackett has done an excellent job giving an insight in to the life of working in Apple retail. On the whole this book is absolutely hilarious. I probably looked like an oddball laughing to myself whilst reading this book on the train over the weekend. Here are a couple of my favourite lines from the book:

"Now that might have been true, if by ‘carpet’ he meant to say ‘concrete’ or ‘tile’ or ‘land-mine’"

"I felt like I was unwittingly starring in ‘The Telltale iPhone’"

I’m pretty sure that the story ‘The iPhone that wouldn’t die’ (of which the quote above is featured) is my favourite in the book. I was laughing my ass off reading that one.

In this book Hackett demonstrates his excellent story-telling ability. He paints the picture of his experiences perfectly and effortlessly. I really had a good understanding and vision for what was happening in each tale. It really is a great read.

You’ll be doing a great service to yourself by buying this book. It really is thoroughly entertaining and I highly recommend it.

Why are you still here? You should be reading by now..